Company nameMIRACLE INC.
Address4-21 Inomiyachou ,Aoiku, Shizuoka-shi ,Japan 420-0001
Managing Director.Yuji Yamanashi.
Capital 5 million yen
Establishment 18-May-10
TEL FAXTel 054-272-7700 FAX054-266-7025
Products handledProduction and sales of proprietary products such as tennis related products, health sandals
Management policy We aim to be a company that develops products and methods that can improve tennis and gives smiles and emotions.
Affiliated companyFounder of Little Earth Corporation. HP: http://www.littleearth.co.jp
Membership of professional institutions.Japan Tennis Industry Association.Supporting member
AdvisorHiroki Ishii(Ishii Tennis Academy)
BankTokyo Mitsubisi UFJ Bank
Patent .
Industrial property rights.
Intellectual property.
Patens in Japan,USA,EC countries.           Verification of effect of foot sole pressure stimulation on fatigue feeling by laboratory of Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
Department of Physical Therapy, International Medical Welfare College "About foot sole stimulation and sway of center of gravity caused by health sandals"
AccessTomei Shimizu Inter · Stationary Bypass Shofu Town · · · 1km ● Shin Tōn Shin Shizuoka Inter · · · 6km ● Tomei Shizuoka Inter · · · 6km ● Shinkansen Shizuoka Station ~ 2km